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Indian Dance Forms


Kathak is one of the classical dance forms of India that involves fast footwork and spins. 'Kathak' is derived from the Sanskrit word katha meaning story. The dance began centuries ago with professional story-tellers called kathakas’, who sang stories with some elements of dance.


BharatNatyam is a classical dance form from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, practiced predominantly in modern times by women. It has three main aspects:
Natya - the dramatic art of story-telling
Nritta - pure dance movements, as a medium of visual depiction of rhythms
Nritya - combination of abhinaya and nritta


Odisi which originates from the state of Orissa is the oldest surviving dance form of India. It is distinguished from other classical Indian dance forms by the importance it places upon the Tribhangi (literally: three parts break), the independent movement of head, chest and pelvis and upon the basic square stance known as Chauka or Chouka that symbolizes Lord Jagannath.


A glimpse into Indian Folk Dances

Dances of Rajasthan
Kalbelia, Chari, Ghoomar, Fire Dance, Kachhi Gori

Dances of Gujarat
Garba, Dandiya

Dances of Punjab
Bhangra, Gidda

Dances of Manipur
Manipuri Dance

Dances of Maharashtara
Tamasha/Lavani, Dindi

Dances of Assam
Bihu Dance

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